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Leading Computer, Laptop & Gaming PC market & Online Shopping in Bangladesh

Machinery has become a part of our daily lives and for a huge part of our life, we are dependent on Electronics products daily. There is hardly a home in Bangladesh without a electronics product. This is where we come in “Shenzhen Electronics Securities (BD)” had started as an Electronics product shop way back in Jan 2018. We fascinated on offer the customers the best service possible. This is why Shenzhen Electronics is one of the most trusted names in the Electronics manufacturing of Bangladesh today.

Best Laptop & Notebook Shop in Bangladesh

Shenzhen Electronics Securities (BD) is the largest and most dependable Laptop Brand Shop in BD. It does not matter Trending topics you want an Intel-powered laptop a gaming laptop or an AMD Ryzen laptop for your work, freelancing, gaming, or study. We have enveloped all of the budget range for laptops. You can also buy a real official Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook Air laptop from our shop. Shenzhen Electronics is presently selling the latest models of numerous popular Laptop computer brands such as HP, Razer, Dell, Apple Macbook, Acer, Lenovo, Asus, Microsoft Surface, MSI, Gigabyte, i-Life, Walton, Xiaomi MI, Huawei, Chuwi.

Best Desktop PC Shop in Bangladesh

Desktop PCs are an essential part of any office or gaming set-up. It is Inconsequential if you are a trivial, mid-level, or gassed-up user. If you will be using your PC to run the labor-intensive apps stable, then Desktop PC is a great solution. You can easily buy your desired Brand PC, All-In-One PC, Portable mini PC, Apple iMac PC or Mac mini, or any statement pc. You can get your new Intel Desktop PC, AMD Desktop PC, or custom Desktop PC very simply with the PC builder feature from our E-commerce website or our shop. If you are a professional content creator or gamer then you can increase your efficiency with our collections of hi-end gaming and rendering PCs.

Best PC accessories & component Shop in Bangladesh

For any PC admirer out there; it is simply to get a custom PC with your chosen components from Shenzhen Electronics. You can even choose accessories as per your preference to decorate your PC. So it means you can choose any components like the Processor (CPU), Motherboard, Graphics, MonitorGraphics Card, HDD, SSD, RAM, Casing, Power supply (PSU), Cooler, etc. Or any other accessories for PC like a mouse, mouse pad, Keyboardheadphones, webcam, capture card, etc. with large features like RGB lighting to give your PC gaming quivering. The best part is, you can change any of your preferred accessories or components before the final purchase; whether you are buying from Shenzhen Electronics Physical Store or online Shop.

Best Gaming Shop in Bangladesh

Gaming is one of the most admired forms of entertainment now. We aim to provide the best selection of Gaming Desktop PC, Gaming laptops, and gaming comfort. We also have another gaming instruments like the gaming motherboard, Graphics card, cooler fan, Liquid cooler, gaming casing, hi-performance RAM Kit, etc. Gamers can accessorize their gaming setup with numerous accessories like gaming mouse, keyboard, mouse pad, headphones, gamepad, RGB light-strips, etc. apart from these regular ones We have a deliberate affiliation with some known gaming brands like Antec, Razer, Gamdias, and Asus. As for the other brand coverage, we have gaming products from all other well-liked brands like Asus, Mix Brand, Ugreen, Adata, A4tech, Jbl, Harman Kardon, Haylou, Realme, Vention, Lenovo, Rapoo, Havit, Saramonic, Kodak, Boya, Xiaomi, 1More, Ldnio, Amazfit, Logitech, Tp-Link, Remax, Golden Field, Apple, Qcy, Phanteks, Huntkey and many more.


Best Office Equipment shop in Bangladesh

Contemporary office space has gotten many repetitions in the form of a home office, Startup workspace, and so on. Tech products are a main for home offices, regular offices, and startups. Shenzhen Electronics delivers office instruments like desktops, laptops, routersprinters, Photocopiers, Conference Systems, attendance machines, Server instruments, and other must-have products to run an office fittingly.


Walkie-talkie shop in Bangladesh 

walkie-talkie, more ceremonial known as a handheld transceiver (HT), is a hand-held, movable, two-way radio transceiver. Its evolution during the Second World War has been inconsistently credited to Donald Hinges, radio engineer Alfred J. Gross, Henrik Magnus Ki and engineering teams at Motorola. First used for infantrymen, related designs were created for field ordnance and tank units, and after the war, walkie-talkies open up to public safety and in the end commercial and Jobsite

Weprovide many kind of walkie talkie in Bangladesh. Like Motorola, Accessories Kenwood, Motorola, Baofeng, Kirisun, Motocom, Cabtop, Kst, Sbr walkie talkie, Vertex, Yanton, Hlt, Hyt


CCTV Camera shop in Bangladesh: Electronics bd

When it comes to securing your business, there are many kinds of CCTV to choose from. Surveillance plays a huge part in our society, and with cameras everywhere, our day-to-day lives are experiencing high levels of safety each day.

We have many kinds of cctv camera accessories in bangladehs. Like avtech dahua, hikvision, campro, jovision, jeve, ahd camera, ip camera, cctv accessories, lilin, camera, spy camera, ptz camera


Fingerprint access control in Bangladesh

With fingerprint access control, you utilize a fingerprint scanner to create a template for each person you want to allow for access. Then when they attend their finger at a fingerprint reader, for example by a door, it’s contrasted with the stored template in your database. If it’s a match, they’re given machine access. We have this type of access control in Bangladesh: accessorieshikvision, hundure, zkteco, suprema, soyal, realtime, nitgen, virdi

Do you know how many people die from tragic fire injuries every year? -180,000 deaths!

If you’re a business person, you will definitely think of installing a firefighting system to protect your property structure and employees, right?! – Authentic fire suppression and alarm system is the first step to avoid any potential injuries or extreme property damages. At Team Work Holding, we will help you select the right firefighting system, suitable for your home or business.

We have many kind of firefighting equipment like conventional, detection,  fire protection, gsm alarm system Water fire system equipment and products

Sprinklers: Types of Sprinklers

Wet Sprinkler System, Dry Sprinkler System, Pre-action Sprinkler System, Deluge Sprinkler System

Fire pillar hydrant, Fire hose cabinets, Water fire extinguisher: Types of Fire Extinguishers

Water fire extinguishers, Foam fire extinguishers, Dry Powder fire extinguishers, Wet Chemical fire extinguishers, Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

Water Fire extinguisher types

Water jet, Water spray, Water extinguishers with additives, Water mist or fog.

Fire Alarm Systems

Beam Detector, Manual Call Point, Alarm Control Panel, Alarm Bell, Conventional Heat Detector, Horn and Strobe, Conventional Smoke Detector.

Gas firefighting products System

Kitchen hood protection equipment from gas Fire, NOVEC gas system, FM-200 gas system, C02 gas system, Aerosol system.

The Water mist fire system

 Foam system for Fire fighting

List of firefighting equipment for home

Kitchen hood protection, Smoke detector, Fire extinguishers, Fire blanket, Fire escape ladder, Fire sprinkler, Fire hose

Best E-commerce Shop to order your desired Product

Shenzhen Electronics every time prioritizes its customers and to make sure better customer service begin the e-commerce shop in inclusion to the physical stores. The goal was to meet more customer needs in the smallest time. Since then, we have had the top mark as the best E-commerce shop in Bangladesh. Our website has an all-inclusive search option to find the desired product. Our website has a unique Offers feature so that you can find a discounted product with your desired components. We arrange numerous advertising promotion campaigns on different occasions and also on a regular basis. Some of our most successful events are named Special offer, Flash sale, Anniversary Special Offer, 12.12 Campaign, New Year Offer, and many more. 

Best Price, Product & After-sales service

Shenzhen Electronics customers since the start. No matter if someone is inquiring or buying; every customer wants to get an Original product with the lowest price. We deliver their desired items at the best price in the market for both online and physical shop. Apart from that, we offer the hugest range of on-sale and post-purchase product support and after-sales service. To ensure customer gratification with product and service. Currently, we have online delivery provide in all 64 districts in Bangladesh.

Home appliance shop in Bangladesh

A home appliance, also mentioned to as a domestic appliance, an electric appliance or a household appliance, is a instrument which assists in household functions essentially cookingcleaning and food preservation.

Appliances are spitted into three types:

We provide many kind of home appliance in Bangladesh. Like Hair Dryer, Straightener, Trimmer, Money or Bill Counter, Electric Kettle, Hand Mixer, Iron, Blender, Emergency Lantern, Search Light, Torch Light 

Network solution shop in Bangladesh

A robust and fast network is crucial for an organization that can’t afford interferences to help hold on your network running smoothly, you need networking equipment and products that don’t let you or your business down.

Not sure what kind of network product you need? Read our helpful network product guide if you’re having trouble deciding between a PCI adapter, PCMCIA adapter, mini PCI adapter, and wireless USB adapter.

We have many kinds of networking products in Bangladesh. Like Modems, Network Adapters, Network Antennas, Network Management, Network Security, Routers, Security Cameras & Surveillance, Switches, Wireless Access Points

Hard disk shop in Bangladesh (HDD)

Computer hard drive

Hard disk, also called hard disk drive or hard driver of HDD alluring storage medium for a PC. Hard disks are flat round plates made of aluminum or glass and coated with a magnetic substance. Hard disks for personal computers can store terabytes of info. Data are stored on their exterior in concentric tracks

We import many kind of HDD in Bangladesh like Western Digital, Seagate, and Toshiba etc.


Ip & pabx shop in Bangladesh

An IP PABX is a telecommunication device that provides voice connectedness to desk phones within a building. It abroad the outgoing and incoming calls across its telephone network using an internet connection.

Let’s break down this description further.

 • IP-Internet Protocol (IP) is the system of transmitting data to another server. This automation means that calls are established over the internet.

 • PBX-A Private Branch Exchange is known as a PBX, which is an embody telephone network. A PBX exists on- demesne, or you can host it from the pall securely.

 An IP PBX phone system can make and admit phone calls over the internet while maintaining analog phones throughout the office.

IP PBX phone systems calculate on SIP trucking for phone connectivity.

 You can configure a PBX using open-source results that bear knowledge of Linux. You should also know about call routing, and comfort managing Asterisk- grounded PBX waiters. There are numerous pros and cons to this speak to It’s not for everyone.

 But first, let’s look at how we got then.


Video conferencing system shop in Bangladesh

Video conferencing is a type of online meeting where two or many people engage in a live audio-visual call. With a great internet connection, the members can see, talk, and hear to each other in real-time, no matter where on the earth they are.

In business, people commonly use video conferencing to meet and cooperate within and outside a company. You just need to set up the obligatory hardware and software to get the most out of the experience.


What is a video conferencing system?


Video conferencing conducts people working from different places together in a virtual meeting room. To make that possible, you’ll need: A stable net connection

·         A video screen device (desktop monitor, laptop, or a television screen)

·         A computer or conference phone device

·         Other peripheral (webcam, microphone, speaker, headset etc.)

·         Video conferencing software

Kind of video conferencing:

Point-to-point conferencing


Man-to-man customer support

Job Interviews

Numerous conferencing

Team meetings


Ips/ups shop in Bangladsh

The UPS/IPS is a wide area contemporaneous transmission mesh of some CIS countries with a common mode of operation and centralized directorial control. It has an installed generation capacity of three hundred gig watts,- and produces twelve hundred terawatt-hours (TWh) per year for its 280 million customers. The system spans eight time zones. 

Server rack shop in Dhaka

Server rack is a systematized frame or enclosure for mounting numerous electronic equipment coursework. all module has a front panel that is 19 inches (482.6 mm) wide. The 22 inch dimension includes the edges or “ears” that stick it out from each side of the equipment, allowing the module to be fastened to the rack frame with bolts or screws. Common uses include computer serverstelecommunications equipment and hardware, networking, audiovisual production gear, and scientific equipment.


Rack types:

·         Four-post cabinet racks.

·         Two-post relay racks

·         ATA road case racks

·         Fiberglass reinforced plastic case racks

·         Polyethylene molded case racks